Elephant Strategies Voter Education & Engagement PAC

Voters are disengaged.  Voters are misinformed.  Voters are uninformed.  The purpose of ESVEEP is to connect with voters and get them information that will inform them and reengage them into the electoral process.  We target groups of voters and reach out to them by mail, phone, email, text & at their doorsteps simply to inform them and reengage them.  We cannot save every starfish on the beach; one by one we can save each starfish we reach and by increased engagement we can save our Constitutional Republic.


You can Adopt-A-Vet with a $5 monthly contribution of $60 annually.  This will assure that your Vet will receive monthly at least one mail piece attractively designed to provide relevant historical information and encourage them to vote in every election.  Additionally they will receive a visit by a canvasser to provide them information needed and encouragement to vote in every election. 

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Church Going Christians Vote Values

Current surveys show that across the U.S. that only about 50% of active church going Christians are registered to vote.  Of those only about 50% of them vote and sadly only about 50% of them are voting their conscious and values.  We are working to reach out to educate, activate and engage those Christians.

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